Although “Doug McDermott Bobble Head Night” was the designated theme for tonight’s nail-biting victory over Big East counterpart Seton Hall, a select group of Creighton students embraced a separate agenda. As the countdown to tip-off dwindled, the usual diehard fans assumed their positions in the front row of the bustling CenturyLink Center. However, the typical “Roll Jays” signs and vibrant Creighton blue attire were not as apparent as usual. Instead, the Bluejay faithful were adorned in pool attire. Wielding swimwear, inflatable sharks, and signs reading “#FixThePool”, the members of the so-called “Fix the Pool Movement” battled the best college basketball player in the country for camera time in order to broadcast their message.

Brad Williams Photography Photo from https://twitter.com/bradwphoto/status

Brad Williams Photography
Photo from https://twitter.com/bradwphoto/status

To clarify, our university’s swimming pool draws an outrageously close resemblance to both the Mojave Desert and my theology professor’s personality – extremely dry. While I have failed to pinpoint when the pool was last used, I have concluded after speaking with several alumni this past weekend that it was long, long before ‘Nam. That being said, I now present to you the top five reasons why the pool should be resurrected.

1. For the scorchers. Although Omaha isn’t exactly the most desirable vacation spot, it certainly does have its fair share of blazing hot days. That being said, it would be ideal to have a place to cool off besides the fountain outside of Swanson Hall (Public Safety does not approve).

2. For the athletes. As a distance runner, I know from firsthand experience that aquatic exercise is the best way to stay in shape while nursing an injury. Thus, filling the pool with the good ole H20 would be a major asset to our athletic program.

3. For the Average Joes/Josephines. No, I am not an avid swimmer. No, I do not own a speedo (you’re welcome or sorry, depending on who’s reading this). And no, chlorine is not my scent of choice. But I must admit that I would not mind fine-tuning my cannon ball before spring break.

4. For convenience. As of now, students wishing to take a dip have a grand total of two options – the YMCA and Carter Lake, neither of which are worth anyone’s time when we have what could be a perfectly fine pool right here on campus.

5. For the absurd amount of money we pay to call this wonderful university our home. Creighton is expensive… really expensive. So to all the naysayers of this unofficial aquatic revolution, be thankful it’s #FixThePool and not #BuildAWaterpark. Just saying.


My roommate actually took the time to make a Facebook page for today’s game… https://www.facebook.com/events/1399449986981849/

And for what it’s worth, the world’s best water parks. http://www.cnn.com/2013/07/31/travel/worlds-best-water-parks/