Social Media Evaluation

So I googled my name. The results weren’t all that exciting. My Facebook came up first, followed by a comment on CU Confessions about my friend and I being “the hottest roommate duo on campus” (obviously a joke). Other relevant results included this blog and a cross country profile from high school that I definitely did not make, along with a Prezi on Hamlet I did for an English class. Pretty random stuff.

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That being said, I need to step my social media presence up. I am consistently active on Twitter, but for some reason my account did not come up. Yet for now, I’m perfectly fine with that. While I can see how Twitter is a valuable networking tool, I personally feel that in this point in my life that is not what I need to use it for. For me it is simply recreational. I have just under 400 followers, which isn’t too shabby if you ask me. In order to make my brand more professional, it is essential that I do away with the procrastination and finally make a LinkedIn profile. In my opinion, this is the most important social media tool a college student can utilize.

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My Klout score was a 28, which wasn’t exactly a surprise considering I’m only active on two social media sites. 62% of my social media activity comes from Twitter, while the other 38% is from Facebook. I’m curious to see how this score will raise as new Google +, Instagram, and LinkedIn accounts are factored in.


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Hold the Mirror Pics, Please

The social media site I have the greatest presence on is without a doubt Twitter. My tweets are a way to express my opinions on whatever is currently occupying my scattered brain. Occasionally I will quote my friends if they say something funny or stupid. Some people have told me my tweets are very funny, but I like to assume those people are lying to keep my ego down. I made my account private in high school because family members (both immediate and distant) were spending way too much time sorting through and criticizing my tweets; that grew old rather quick. In addition, I knew I would likely need to make my account private when I began searching for employment. So for the sake of this class, I will probably just create another account. While I do have a Facebook account, I barely use it at this point. I haven’t posted a status in close to two years, but I check it occasionally to look at photos of family and friends or photos that I have been tagged in.

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That being said, there are several aspects of social media I dislike. I don’t like “selfies”, especially when a mirror is included. My hatred for this type of post is exemplified when the aforementioned mirror is found in a gym. Nothing says, “Hey look at me, I’m a tool!” more than taking a mirror pic at the gym. Another thing I dislike about social media, specifically Facebook, is random friend and follower requests. Now I know it may be rather difficult to believe, but you have to trust me when I tell you I’m not nearly as cool as I appear. If we haven’t met in person, chances are we probably don’t need to be meeting online. Fortunately, nothing about social media, including these two pet peeves, make me nervous. Ironically, I just did a speech last semester for COM 152 about social media addiction and the fear of missing out (also known as FOMO). Fortunately, I do not possess either of these conditions.

Although I once worshipped Facebook and wanted absolutely nothing to do with Twitter, my favorite social media site is now definitely the latter. Furthermore, I am looking forward to joining LinkedIn because I’ve been thinking a lot about internships and career opportunities this year. Also, I am pleased with the amount of blog posts we will be having. I made a blog for the class “Introduction to Mass Communication Technology” my freshman year, but we weren’t assigned that many posts. I returned to this blog over fall break because I had absolutely nothing to do, but after I few posts I parted ways with it once again. I have come to understand that blogging is surprisingly hard to do on a regular basis, at least in my opinion. In essence, that is what I would like to get out of this class – a solid LinkedIn profile and an impressive blog, both of which I can use as powerful networking tools as well as ways to demonstrate my strong written skills. Overall, I am looking forward to this class and its variety of outcomes.

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