In One Sentence – Me

In my mind, accurately summarizing the person I am is challenging. But in one sentence? Now that’s just nonsense, plain and simple. How am I supposed to jam 19 years of existence into one measly thought? I almost convinced myself that this was a meaningless activity, especially considering I’m still quite unsure of whom I truly am. Additionally, I have a tendency to be long-winded and wordy when I write because my jumbled thoughts have a way of spilling out of my fingertips. Once I start cruising through a sentence, it is often tough for me to decide when to hit the brakes. Making matters worse, I am extremely indecisive (if only you could witness the struggle I must combat in the Taco Bell drive-thru). Thus, I was slightly concerned that devising a meaningful, yet concise personal sentence would fall somewhere between the categories of rocket science and Guitar Hero on level expert. Much to my surprise, this was not the case.

After giving it some more thought, I realized there was one personal trait of mine that helps garner my success despite some of my aforementioned shortcomings. Since I was in diapers, I have always paid great attention to detail. When I was three years old, I had a collection of matchbox cars. For some reason, I found great joy in lining them up around the edge of the coffee table to form a perfect square. My grandpa noticed I always made sure they were as even and straight as possible, so he began shifting the cars slightly when I wasn’t looking to see if I would notice. Time and time again, I did. Every single time. From that point on it was readily apparent to my family that they had a perfectionist on their hands.

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Now there are numerous other examples of my perfectionist tendencies, some of which might come off as surefire acts of OCD; but in the words of Kevin Hart, “ain’t nobody got time for that.” That being said, my personal sentence must somehow correlate with my quest for perfection in just about everything I do. Although this personality trait can be restricting at times, I have come to realize it is a great asset to possess. In the world of journalism where the power of credible information triumphs all, it is essential that technology and social media be utilized as accurately and effectively as possible. As simple as these budding practices may seem, sloppy and unfiltered information that is presented for all of humanity to digest can lead to serious trouble. We see this occur time and time again, with everyone from celebrities to sixth-graders.

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Luckily, the importance of accuracy will always remain the same in my field of study: advertising and graphic design. As a visual communications major, information must be clear and concise so the audience can receive the intended message. Thus, I am confident I will be able to succeed in this line of work because my work ethic simply will not allow me to settle for “good enough”. Rather, I will never stop working to reach perfection – that is, my personal vision of perfection, although I’m well aware this will someday undoubtedly become ‘my boss’s vision of perfection’. Nevertheless, I have come to understand that there is nothing wrong with being a perfectionist as long as I identify in advance what constitutes perfect so I can set my eyes on the prize. With no further ado, my personal sentence goes like this:

I am constantly in search of achieving my own vision of perfection in everything I do. 

For my fellow perfectionists, this is worth a glance.

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Hold the Mirror Pics, Please

The social media site I have the greatest presence on is without a doubt Twitter. My tweets are a way to express my opinions on whatever is currently occupying my scattered brain. Occasionally I will quote my friends if they say something funny or stupid. Some people have told me my tweets are very funny, but I like to assume those people are lying to keep my ego down. I made my account private in high school because family members (both immediate and distant) were spending way too much time sorting through and criticizing my tweets; that grew old rather quick. In addition, I knew I would likely need to make my account private when I began searching for employment. So for the sake of this class, I will probably just create another account. While I do have a Facebook account, I barely use it at this point. I haven’t posted a status in close to two years, but I check it occasionally to look at photos of family and friends or photos that I have been tagged in.

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That being said, there are several aspects of social media I dislike. I don’t like “selfies”, especially when a mirror is included. My hatred for this type of post is exemplified when the aforementioned mirror is found in a gym. Nothing says, “Hey look at me, I’m a tool!” more than taking a mirror pic at the gym. Another thing I dislike about social media, specifically Facebook, is random friend and follower requests. Now I know it may be rather difficult to believe, but you have to trust me when I tell you I’m not nearly as cool as I appear. If we haven’t met in person, chances are we probably don’t need to be meeting online. Fortunately, nothing about social media, including these two pet peeves, make me nervous. Ironically, I just did a speech last semester for COM 152 about social media addiction and the fear of missing out (also known as FOMO). Fortunately, I do not possess either of these conditions.

Although I once worshipped Facebook and wanted absolutely nothing to do with Twitter, my favorite social media site is now definitely the latter. Furthermore, I am looking forward to joining LinkedIn because I’ve been thinking a lot about internships and career opportunities this year. Also, I am pleased with the amount of blog posts we will be having. I made a blog for the class “Introduction to Mass Communication Technology” my freshman year, but we weren’t assigned that many posts. I returned to this blog over fall break because I had absolutely nothing to do, but after I few posts I parted ways with it once again. I have come to understand that blogging is surprisingly hard to do on a regular basis, at least in my opinion. In essence, that is what I would like to get out of this class – a solid LinkedIn profile and an impressive blog, both of which I can use as powerful networking tools as well as ways to demonstrate my strong written skills. Overall, I am looking forward to this class and its variety of outcomes.

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