The Rise of Content Marketing

Last week in JRM 327 we were privileged to listen to Creighton grad Danny Schreiber speak about his content marketing work at Zapier. Considering I’ve applied for several content marketing internships for this summer (which to be honest has snuck up on me like some demonic spirit out of Paranormal Activity), Danny could not have come at a more perfect time. After providing us with some background information, Danny highlighted the distinct differences between journalism and content marketing. With experience in both of these fields as well as the Creighton degree that is forever engraved on his LinkedIn account (paper résumés are on their way out anyways), Danny was clearly a credible source. In his own words, content marketing differs from journalism in that it is “measured extensively, promoted exhaustively, and SEO’d meticulously.” Yet more importantly, he outlined seven steps to producing a content marketing platform that is unique, measurable, and successful.

1)   Identify a specific topic.
2)   Determine different types of content to use.
3)   Search for ways to weave promotional material within content.
4)   Set up a simple editorial schedule.
5)   Measure gains and losses.
6)   Promote again.
7)   Always look for ways to do more.

In order to better understand what each of these steps mean, I did a little research about this budding business tactic. In essence, content marketing blends marketing, journalism, and technology to engage with customers without blatantly pestering them with traditional sales techniques. I now present to you my three favorite content marketing campaigns that I have stumbled across.

1)   Charmin: SitOrSquat

When you have to go, you have to go. Just a simple fact of life. Thanks to Charmin’s quirky app, the search for respectable public restrooms in the most trying of circumstances is no more. SitOrSquat allows you to locate and review restrooms so you can enjoy taking care of business in a cleanly manor. It even connects you to Facebook in order to maximize interaction, although I must admit I probably don’t want everyone knowing I need an app to make it to the loo.

Image from

Image from

2)   Orabrush Tongue Cleaner: Bad Breath Test

Although I find the spokesperson for this video to resemble an annoying knock-off of Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, I cannot deny that he does an excellent job in proving the purpose of a bland product with seemingly limited potential. The Orabrush is used to polish your tongue, and thus eliminate the true source of foul breath. That being said, I know several people who will be receiving an Orabrush from yours truly this holiday season.

Image form

Image form

3) – Our Blades are F***ing Great

Shaving sucks. I hate it, especially considering my razors grow dull with ease as I peel my pathetic attempt at “facial hair” off my baby face twice a week. Fortunately, has got my back. It delivers high-quality razors to your doorstep for as little as $1 a month. And this video – well, it’s hilarious to say the least. In fact, I am seriously considering making an investment in to help out my bank account.

Image from

Image from

These three examples, all of which are funny, fresh, and feasible in their own respective ways, helped me to better understand Danny’s presentation on content marketing. It also opened my eyes to the creative possibilities that can stem from something as simple as basic hygiene products. I truly look forward to learning more about content marketing as it continues to grow in popularity. Now excuse me while I go brush my tongue and trim my “sideburns” in the Harper Center restroom.


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